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Psychological Evaluation

 Types of Evaluations/Testing Conducted: 

  • Full psychological evaluations for children, adolescents, & adults (evaluates intellectual, emotional, behavioral, and personality function)
  • Psychoeducational testing (academic and cognitive function focused)
  • Immigration evaluations to determine hardship
  • Psychological evaluation for eligibility of airman medical certification (FAA evaluations for pilots)


  • $1900 for a full psychological evaluation (includes 60-90 minute intake, face-to-face testing, scoring, interpretation, report writing, and feedback session). If significant records review is necessary, this fixed fee is subject to change)
  • $200 per hour for all other psychological testing 

Q: Why would I (or my child) need a full psychological evaluation?
A: Psychologists use a clinical interview to arrive at appropriate diagnoses, which informs treatment. Sometimes, however, the clinical interview does not provide enough information to differentiate between certain diagnoses or conditions. Different diagnoses can often have overlapping symptom presentations. For example, ADHD and anxiety can look similar in children. If a proper diagnosis is not determined, treatments for both of these conditions can look very different, thus making it very difficult to target the underlying cause(s) and manage symptoms. For adults, mood disorders and personality disorders can also mimic each other as well as co-occur. Psychological evaluations or testing can pull together multiple points of data to arrive at a full picture of an individual's cognitive, achievement, emotional, and personality functioning. Not only does this result in more accurate diagnosis, but also informs more targeted treatment interventions, and ultimately, improved overall results. 

Q: What is your background with psychological evaluation?
A: Dr. Hanzlik: I began to apply my academic training with psychological evaluation at an inner city, inpatient psychiatric hospital for children and adolescents. I continued conducting psychological evaluations for children, adolescents, and adults in a more rural setting while on internship. During my career, I have had extensive experience conducting psychological evaluations for children, adolescents, and adults for the Indiana Department of Child Services in both English and Spanish. I also have experience completing FAA airman evaluations and immigration hardship evaluations in both English and Spanish. I currently serve the greater Indianapolis area by providing psychological testing services to children, adolescents, and adults in English and Spanish. 






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