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Women's Sexual Health Group (8-week session beginning WEDNESDAY, October 11th, 5:15pm-6:15pm)

Research indicates that sexual dysfunction is prevalent across genders, but can affect up to 43% of women (Laumann et al., 1999). Sexual concerns tend to be a taboo subject to address in mainstream culture, and as a result, many women suffer in silence, which can increase shame, affect self-worth, and negatively affect relationships. 

This 8-week, psychoeducational group will provide education about what healthy sexual function means for women and address barriers that interfere with healthy sexual response. This group is designed to balance being given reputable education about sexual function and fostering a safe, confidential space to address and acknowledge sexual concerns. The group will be facilitated by Dr. Maria Hanzlik, clinical psychologist and AASECT-certified sex therapist. Some of the topics the group will address include: 

  • How do we talk about sex and anatomy?
  • Models of sexual function and response
  • Normal sexual changes across the lifespan 
  • Maintaining healthy sex in long-term relationships
  • How childhood messages about sex affect individuals in the present?

Pre-registration is required as well as an individual session prior to the beginning of group to address history, assess concerns, expectations of group, and goodness of fit. Women 18 and older. Cost of the 8-session group is $320 to be paid prior to the start of group.

*Given the psychoeducational nature of the group, rather than being a psychotherapy group, this service is not considered "medically necessary," and is not covered by traditional insurance. 

Registration is limited. Call or email Dr. Hanzlik for more information and to secure your place in the group!


The following groups will be forming soon. Stay tuned for upcoming dates and times. For more infomation, feel free to call or email. 

  • Female sexuality group (8-week group)
  • Male sexuality group (8-week group)
  • Enhancing sexual relationship after baby: a group for couples 
  • Couples sexual health group (6-week group)
  • New moms group (ongoing) 
  • Embracing motherhood (6-week group addressing issues to prepare soon-to-be mothers for upcoming changes)
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